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Purchase Process



If you're a regular online shopper, then there is nothing to worry about. Our shopping process is exactly as it is on any other site. The simplified procedure is as follows; Register-->Add to Cart-->Pay-->Receive Tracking NR-->Item is Delivered. 

For those new to online shopping, or anyone who just likes to be diligently informed of the process, below are the exact steps you will go through when purchasing from us. 

  1. Register - you MUST be a registered member in order to buy. To register, visit this page
  2. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart by clicking the 'add to cart' button on each product's full page. 
  3. View your cart, accessible on the top right corner of the page. 
  4. The cart allows you to easily add or remove items. If you are happy with your order, click 'continue' on the right. Note - this is not the final review before purchase.
  5. You will now be on the checkout page, which is the final review step. If you are satisfied to proceed, check the T&C's box and click on the 'submit order' button. 
  6. You will receive an invoice via email, almost instantly. 
  7. Once the order is placed you can continue to Payfast to complete credit card payment OR
  8. Transfer the amount due to the account shown on the invoice AND send the proof of payment to info@landscapegear.co.za. If you don't send the proof of payment, the shipping order will only be requested once the money clears, which is usually 24-48 hours later. The proof of payment has to be verified by a person, so this step may sometimes take a while. If in office hours, it will be within an hour. If outside office hours, it is usually within the first upcoming office hour. 
  9. Once payment is verified, you will receive an order status update mail to notify you that your payment has been received. 
  10. Once the logistics company issues the tracking number, you will receive an order status update mail to notify you of the tracking number.
  11. The tracking data will become available once the package is dispatched from the warehouse.
  12. Await delivery. 

Please note that the logistics company operates strictly within business hours, so steps 10 and 11 won't be effected over weekends or outside of business hours. 



Our shipping and warehousing are handled by Aramex South Africa, one of the world's foremost logistics companies. There is nothing out of the ordinary about our shipping, but please read the points mentioned below should you have any queries or questions about how your order will get to you. 




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