SIRUI R-2214X Tripod

R8 495

This new model from SIRUI is one of the most exciting tripods to hit the market in a long time. It features a column-less apex/spider design, exactly like Gitzo’s Systematic range of tripods and SIRUI’s massive 4- and 5-series models. This is the first time that we can offer column-less design in a tripod that is travel- and hiking-friendly.

Column-less tripods offer better stability, vibration absorption and longevity thanks to a simpler design. They also offer instant low-angle shooting and great customization as the center-plate can be removed from the apex and replaced with a variety of other accessories like a leveling base, modular center-column or fluid video heads. The big catch is that all these other modular accessories cost a pretty penny and that’s where this model comes to light – the price includes a modular center column and an adapter that enables it to take a 75mm leveling base.

If you compare the specs of this tripod to its main competitor, the Gitzo GT3543LS, you will also be impressed to see that it extends to the same height (without the column added), yet it folds down 6cm shorter and it weighs almost 500g less. It has to be said that the Gitzo is a 3-series and there is a difference in quality, but for those who are stretching their budget to get a Gitzo, the SIRUI is the obvious choice.

The GT3543LS + GS3513S Center Column will currently put you back R14 990, whereas this option will only cost R8 495.00. This tripod also includes a padded carry-bag, which is yet another accessory for which you’ll have to fork out more cash if you go the Gitzo route.

This is without a doubt the best value-for-money tripod we have ever had in our product range.  


  • Series - 2
  • Material - Carbon Fibre
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height without centre column - 145cm
  • Maximum Height with centre column - 183cm
  • Minimum Height - 11.5cm
  • Closed Length - 51cm
  • Weight - 1600g
  • Load Capacity - 18kg
  • Leg Diameters - 19-29mm

Included in the Box

  • Padded carry-bag
  • RX-402C Center-column
  • R2X-75A 75mm video half bowl. 
  • Maintenance Tools



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