SIRUI EN-2004 + K-20x Kit

R4 395

This kit from SIRUI is without a doubt the best value for money on the market. It shares the exact same design principals as their premium N-range, but the cost is brought down drastically by replacing carbon fiber legs with aluminum and screw-lock joints with clip-lock joints.


  • This is a 2-series tripod (medium) made from aluminum, with 4 leg-sections. Its extended height with the column down is 135cm and with the column up it can reach to 165cm. Add the height of a head and the camera to that and it offers a convenient shooting height for folks of most lengths.
  • Thanks to 4 leg-sections and reversible legs, its folded length is a mere 48cm, making it an easy travel companion. The legs and head combined tip the scale at 1.9kg and it is rated to carry a load of 14kg – more than sufficient for most setups.
  • This tripod also features one leg detachable as a monopod, same as the premium N-range.
  • It has the same two-section center-column as the premium N-range tripods whic allow low angle shooting in seconds, simply by removing the longer section of the column. 
  • The feet feature retractable spikes, excellent for shooting on ice or wet rock.
  • This tripod ships with a quick release plate, padded bag, shoulder strap, extra mounting plate for monopod and the necessary tools for loosening and tightening moving parts.


The SIRUI K20x tripod head offers simple, strong and precise functionality in a compact and tough design that can handle serious knocks. It is rated to carry 15kg, which is sufficient for almost any setup, yet weighs only 400g. One large and easily adjustable knob controls all motion, making it simple and easy to change your composition. Two smaller knobs control a panning base and the amount of friction applied to the ball.

The arca-swiss compatible quick-release clamp features a secondary release button that prevents any inadvertent disengagement of the camera/plate from the clamp, thereby adding to the head's overall security & stability. The K-20x is CNC-machined from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and anodized with an oxidation treatment that ensures a durable, high-quality finish. All Sirui plates and heads are designed for use with Arca-Swiss style systems, which means that it is cross-compatible with components from all major manufacturers.


  • EN-2004 Tripod - R3 145.00
  • K-20x Head - R2 395.00
  • Total for both items individually - R5 540.00

Savings From Kit - R1 045.00

If you're looking for a tough and easy-to-operate tripod head that isn't too large or heavy, this is the go-to model.

Despite the price, you can expect the usual SIRUI quality design and manufacturing in this model, the only downside is the weight of the aluminum. If you’re not used to carbon fiber, you won’t feel it anyway. If you’re looking for the best tripod on the market for the lowest price, this is it.

Learn more about the different SIRUI models we stock in our article on choosing the right SIRUI gear.



  • Material - Aliminium
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height (Column Down) - 135cm
  • Maximum Height (Column Up) - 165cm
  • Minimum Height - 15cm
  • Closed Length - 48cm
  • Weight - 1,9kg
  • Load Capacity - 14kg

Included in the box

  • Tripod
  • Ball head
  • TY-50E quick release plate
  • Short center column
  • Custom padded case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Extra mounting plate for monopod
  • Tools
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


SIRUI 6 year warranty


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