SIRUI W-2204 Tripod

R6 795


This is SIRUI’s special water-adapter model made for frequent shooting at the coast. It features superiorly sealed joints that keep salt and sand out of the leg joints in order to prolong the life of the tripod in testing environments. When the joints are locked/tightened, no water can enter the joints or legs. This is an extremely useful feature as any tripod’s biggest enemy is water entering the joints. If it is clean tap water then there’s no problem, but if it’s sea water or muddy lake/river water, you’re in trouble. The joints of a tripod are very precise mechanical devices and when submerged in water, the liquid finds it’s way into all those small interconnecting parts. When it eventually evaporates, it leaves behind any salt/sand/dirt that the water contained and over time this ruins the tripod by accumulating in the joints. This tripod prevents that from happening as the water can not enter the joints. If you’re a regular seascape shooter, this is an invaluable feature to have.

Apart from the sealed joints, this tripod is virtually identical to the above mentioned N3204X. It also features 4 leg sections, a maximum height of 147cm with the column down, 177cm with the column extended and a folded length of 51cm. The major difference between the two is that this is a 2-series tripod, which means its legs are thinner. At 1.7kg, it is 200g lighter than the N3204X, but it comes at a cost of stability and rigidity. The only other difference is that it doesn’t feature the usual retractable spikes; instead it comes with a set of normal rubber feet and a set of spiked feet.

This tripod also features the removable monopod leg of the N-series, reversible legs for a more compact folded length and a removable center column for low-angle shooting.

If you’re a frequent seascape shooter, this model is the one to go for.

There is also a more affordable aliminium version of this tripod, priced R3 800.00 lower at R3 995.00. The only compromise is a weight increase of 400g.

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  • Material - Carbon Fiber
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height (Column Down) - 145,5cm
  • Maximum Height (Column Up) - 178,2cm
  • Minimum Height - 15,5cm
  • Closed Length - 52cm
  • Weight - 1760g
  • Load Capacity - 18kg

Included in the box

  • Tripod
  • Split-center column
  • Custom padded case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Tools
  • Spring loaded hook
  • Metal spikes
  • Monopod kit (wrist strap, extra 1/2 ~ 3/8 tripod screw, extra platform)
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


SIRUI 6 year warranty


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