Gimbal Heads

SIRUI PH-20 Gimbal Head

R8 495

A Gimbal tripod head is the most important piece of equipment when shooting with a super-telephoto lens. Due to the size and weight of such big lenses, its impossible to shoot handheld or use with conventional tripod heads. The clever design of gimbal-type heads allow the lens to be suspended at its center of gravity, while allowing free panning and tilting. This makes it virtually effortless to swiftly and accurately track fast-moving subjects through the viewfinder.

The Sirui PH-20 is a game changer in the gimbal head market thanks to its carbon fiber construction. Weighing in at just 1.1kg, it is substantially lighter than all of its competitors, yet can support a load of up to 20kg. When already travelling with big lenses and cameras, the weight of all other accessories becomes absolutely crucial as any savings go a long way in aiding to the enjoyment of your photography. 

The Sirui PH-20 is built from the very best materials to the most exacting standards. The main swing arm is made from multi-layered carbon fiber, while the other components are machined from forged aircraft-grade aluminium. Carbon fiber is also much better at absorbing vibration than any metal, meaning your images will be sharper. 

The head features two large and easily adjustable knobs for locking the panning and tilting movements. A quick release plate allows easy mounting of any arca-swiss compatible lens plate on the arm. This simple design guarantees easy and convenient use while prolonging the life of the equipment.

This product ships with a padded carry-bag that features dedicated cut-outs for all its components and accessories. It also includes a 120mm quick release arca-swiss lens plate and allen keys.



  • Large, easily controllable knob, usable with gloves. 
  • Weighs just 1.09kg
  • Load Capacity - 20 kg
  • Made from aircraft-grade aliminium for a strong, lightweight and maintenance free product that will last years.
  • Dimensions - 23 x 12 x 23 cm

Included in the box

  • Quick Release Plate
  • Quick Release Platform
  • Tools
  • Custom Fitted Case


SIRUI 6 year warranty


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