100mm IR ND64 | 1.8 | 6-Stop

R2 595

Solid neutral density filters lengthen exposure by cutting out a specific amount of light. This is very useful for creative purposes, whether you want to blur a wave, waterfall, leopard or a street scene. They are available in many different densities, ranging from 2 to 20 stops, but the most popular are 3-, 6- and 10-stops. Please read the bullet points below to understand the purpose of each. 

  • 3-Stop | 0.9 - This filter is used to add a slight blur to water before the sun has set or after it has risen. At f/16 and ISO100, it is impossible to achieve a slow enough shutterspeed to get the ideal amount of blur in the waves while the sun is up. Three stops of darkening will normally allow a shutterspeed of 1/10s to 1/2s during this golden sunlight phase, producing soft lines in the waves. Example - Image #2
  • 6-Stop | 1.8 - This filter serves the same purpose as the 10-stop, but it is better suited for sunset and sunrise. When the sun is close to setting or rising, a 10-stop ND will require a very long shutterspeed at f/16 and ISO100 to produce the correct exposure - often as much as 5-10 minutes. A 6-stop ND is thus much more suited for capturing long exposures of 30-60s around sunset and sunrise. Example - Image #3 + 4
  • 10-Stop | 3.0 - This filter is used primarily for blurring the sea to a flat mist and for blurring clouds into abstract lines. It can also be used to remove traffic and people from urban scenes by blurring the moving elements. At f/16 and ISO100, it usually produces a shutterspeed of 20-30s in early morning or late afternoon with strong sunlight. Example - Image #5

NiSi is renowned as one of the world's top manufacturers of completely colour-neutral and vignette-free ND filters. Made from H-K9L optical proglass, it allows optimal light transmission to produce sharp and contrast rich images with true-to-life colour. 

IR Blocking - This filter blocks out unwanted Infra-red light that can cause strange colours in undesired areas and rob images of critical shadow-contrast.

Nano Coating - This filter features a super tough scratch-resistant nano coating that ensures that it lasts for years. It also ensures that any rain or spray from the ocean beads properly and is easy to wipe off so you can continue shooting the sunset.

*This filter is also available in 2,4,5,7,8,9,11,15 and 20 stops. Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like to order one of these densities.

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