DJI Drone Filters

ND Filter Set for DJI Phantom 4 Pro

R1 695

The NISI drone range brings their exceptional quality filters to an utlra-light, ultra-compact package for aerial filming and photography. 

These filters feature the same colour-accurate optical proglass and water-repellant and scratch resistant nano coating as their normal filter ranges. It easily and securely clips on the Mavic's camera  thanks to a soft felt gasket that won't scratch it. Each filter weighs only 2.8g per filter. This kit includes the following 6 filters - 

  1. UV
  2. Circular Polariser
  3. ND 3-Stop | 0.9 | ND8
  4. ND 4-Stop | 1.2 | ND16
  5. ND 5-Stop | 1.5 | ND32
  6. ND 6-Stop | 1.8 | ND64

ND Filters - The optimal shutterspeed for the smoothest possible footage is 1/25s - 1/40s. It is very difficult to achieve this shutterspeed in bright sunlight, despite the Phantom's ability to stop down to f/11. Unless the sun has set or is close to setting, your shutterspeed will always be substantially faster. By adding the required ND filter, you can slow down your shutterspeeed to the desired setting to ensure that your footage is silky smooth. 

Circular Polariser - This filter will come in very handy when shooting aerials, especially near bodies of water. The polariser will help cut out glare reflecting off the ocean and lakes as well as saturating the sky, foliage and any water.

UV Filter - Cleaning your drone's lens is a precarious task. Rather keep the UV filter on when flying with no other filter and when you land, take off the UV filter, give it a good clean and you don't have to meddle with the lens and gimbal. 



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