V5 Pro Filter Holder Kit STD CPL

R2 995

The NiSi V5 Pro holder kit is so much more than just a filter holder and offers incredible value for money. This kit includes the following - 

  1. V5 Pro Filter Holder
  2. Landscape Enhanced Nano Coated Circular Polariser
  3. 82mm Primary Adapter Ring
  4. 77mm + 72mm + 67mm Step-up Rings
  5. PU Leather Storage Case

Revolutionary Function - The NiSi holder works in a very different way to older conventional holders. The holder attaches to an 82mm primary adapter ring. This 82mm adapter ring has a thread on the front that accepts the included circular polariser, so it sits behind the 100mm filters. This kit also includes 3x ultra-thin step-up rings to adapt the primary ring to 77mm, 72m and 67mm lenses. This means that this kit is all that you need to be able to use your NiSi 100mm filters in conjunction with the included polariser on lenses with an 82mm, 77mm, 72mm and 67mm threads.

Quality Manufacturing and Optimal Design - The V5 Pro holder is CNC-machined from aviation grade aluminium and all components are designed to keep the holder as close to the lens as possible in order to avoid seeing the edges of the holder in the image frame. This holder allows use of up to three filters and a polariser at 16mm without seeing the holder in the frame. That is with a step-ring attached and even with the holder at a slight angle. 

Optimal Filter Contact - The V5 Pro holder grips filters from the sides with a soft sure-grip cushion, avoiding front- and back contact with the filter-surface that will scratch it. The holder offers the perfect amount of grip from the moment you take it out of the box and it doesn't fade over time. The filters are easy to get in and out of the holder, but they won't slide out after a few years of use.

Turning the Polariser - The holder features two rotating wheels on the sides, which rotate the polariser within the 82mm adapter ring. This clever features allows you to set the polariser to the desired angle without having to take any of your 100mm filters out of the holder. 

Storage and Protection - Included with the kit is a hard case wrapped in PU leather for easy and safe storage of the holder and all it's components.

Available Versions - The V5 Pro Kit is available with a standard and an enhanced landscape polarising filter. The enhanced version of the polariser provides a stronger polarising effect, thus eliminating more glare and reflections, saturating colours better and it has a more neutral colour balance. Choosing one of the two simply comes down to personal choice. 




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