Due to the wide range of contrasts (Dynamic Range) in landscapes filters have always been and will always be an essential part of landscape photography. There are two primary considerations when choosing a brand of filters; 1) The overall quality of the product and 2) how much filters affect the colour of the light passing through. On both these counts, Lee Filters is the clear leader in the industry. Based in the UK, this company is and always has been dedicated to manufacturing the best filter systems available. Ask any knowledgeable photographer on the planet what filter system to buy and they’ll all point you in the same direction, namely Lee Filters. The Lee product range has expanded immensely over the past couple of years and now offer their system in three different sizes - click below on each system size to read more.

This plus-size system is Lee’s answer to the recent evolution of ultra-wide lenses like Nikon’s 14-24mm and Canon’s 11-24mm. These extreme wide-angle lenses all have a bulbous front elements, which protrudes way past the casing of the lens. This makes it impossible to attach a filter system using the conventional method of screwing an adapter ring into the lens thread. The big difference between the SW150 system and the two smaller systems are the adapter rings. The smaller systems use adapter rings available in various sizes, which can be used on any lens as long as the thread size of the ring and lens match. The SW150 system however, uses a much more complicated adapter ring because these lenses don’t have filter threads. Each adapter ring consists of 3 rings that couple around a specific part of the lens barrel like a collar. Due to this the rings of this system are specific to each lens and they fit only that particular lens. These filters measure 150x170mm in size, which is substantially larger than the original 100mm system. Most of the products available in the 100mm system are also available in the larger size. Simply scroll down to see what’s on offer. We strongly advise that you read the article on choosing the right Lee gear, but you are also welcome to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.


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