Lee Filters Seven5 Deluxe Kit

R11 075

The Lee Filters Deluxe Kit is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to creative shooting with a filter system. This kit also offers excellent value for money as buying all of these items individually would cost just over R13 000.00. The kit includes three of the most commonly used grads, which will be able to balance the exposure between land and sky in most situations. The Big Stopper offers a lot of creativity with longer shutterspeeds, which is one of the most exciting elements of using a filter system. The circular polariser is great for removing glare, saturating foliage or increasing clarity in grand scenes, but it can also be used as a 2-stop ND to slow down waves.
Note – This product does NOT include an adapter ring, which is the crucial connection between the lens and the holder. We stock Lee Seven5 adapter rings in 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 72mm. Click here to add the required adapter rings to your cart.
  • 0.6 Soft Grad ND – The 0.6 soft is the most popular grad ND filter, because a two stop difference between land and sky is very common and a soft graduation is suited to more situations than a hard graduation. 
  • 0.6 Hard Grad ND - The 0.6 hard is one of the most popular grad ND filters, because a two stop difference between land and sky is very common and a hard graduation is ideal for landscapes with a straight/uniform horizon. 
  • 0.9 Hard Grad ND – The 0.9 hard is the go-to filter when shooting into a sunset/sunrise in a landscape scene with a straight/uniform horizon. This filter is a must-have for any serious seascape shooter. 
  • Big Stopper – This filter has achieved a cult status since it's launch and has become the undeniable #1 of Super ND Filters. It is a 10-stop ND filter, which allows you to increase your exposure time 10-fold for creative means. The primary purpose of this is to blur clouds or other moving elements in the frame. In a landscape it can turn clouds into long streaks, water into a smooth surface or it can make people and traffic dissappear from a cityscape. This filter has a special seal on the backside, which prevents light from leaking into the image during the exposure time.
  • Lee Seven5 Circular Polariser - A polarising filter has many benefits in various genres of photography, but especially so in landscape photography. It can change a pale sky to a deep blue one, turn foliage into a luminous super-green, light up autumn colours and even saturate rainbows. The added contrast and saturation that a polariser can give to landscapes is just short of magic and every photographer should have one in their camera bag. On a technical level, polarising filters remove certain wavelengths of polarised light that have been reflected off a non-metal surface. By removing these unwanted wavelengths of light, it produces a noticeable increase in saturation and clarity.
  • This polariser has two other great benefits – The first is that it is rotatable within it’s mounting, which allows you to rotate the filter to full polarization regardless of which angle your grads are at. The second is that you only need one polarising filter for all your lenses, as long as you have adapter rings for each lens. 
If you're new to the Lee Filter system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through to our choosing the right Lee gear article to gain further insight to assist you in making the perfect choice.



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