Lee Filters 105mm Polariser

R3 995

Mounting the 105mm Circular Polariser to the filter holder requires a 105mm accessory ring. To go to the 105mm Accessory Ring product page, click here.

The Lee 105mm circular polariser performs a very niche job within the Lee Filter System. There is already a normal square slide-in polariser, so why do they make another type of polariser? And why can't you just use a normal screw in polariser? The answers are luckily very simple. 

  • While you can use a normal screw-in polariser and then just screw the adapter ring into that, it will cost you many precious millimeters at the wide end of your lens. The holder will be sitting much further away from the lens, causing vignetting when shooting wide. 
  • The square slide-in polariser solves the above-mentioned problem, but it causes a different one. A polariser needs to be rotated to a specific angle in order to have the desired effect. Graduated filters also need to be at a specific angle to have the desired effect and the two filters usually have a conflicting desired angle. So when the grad/grads are perfectly aligned with the horizon, the polariser won't be at the right angle...and vice versa. 

The best possible solution is to mount a rotatable polariser at the front of the holder. The holder still sits as close to the lens as possible and the polariser can be rotated independently of the grads. This is made possible with a very thin 105mm accessory ring that attaches to the front of the holder with the standard screws. The polariser then simply screws into the ring, offering independent rotation. 

While the holder might not cause vignetting, the polariser unfortunately still can. That was the problem with the older 105mm polariser, which was more than 10mm thick. The new one (released 2015) is much thinner and this allows use with much wider lenses. On a holder with two slots, the new polariser only causes vignetting at 16mm on some lenses and 17mm on some. This means that you can shoot with two normal Lee filters and a polariser as wide as 17/18mm. What I've always done is to get a 2nd filter holder with only one slot, so if I need to shoot as wide as possible and I need to use a grad and a polariser, I can. 

This system has another perk; you only need one polariser for all your lenses, as long as you have an adapter ring for each thread size. It also has a slightly warm bias, so it can also enhance the greens, browns and golds in landscapes.

If you're new to the Lee Filter system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through to our choosing the right Lee gear article to gain further insight to assist you in making the perfect choice. 



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