Lee Filters 100mm Individual Grad ND Filters

R1 975


Landscape photographers use graduated neutral density filters because the sky is usually brighter than the land, especially in dramatic sunset light. Graduated ND filters are dark on the top half and transparent on the bottom half. When the dark part is positioned over the sky of an image, it ‘reduces’ the amount of light allowed through and this results in a darkened exposure of the sky. This concept is displayed as simple as possible in image #3. On the left it shows the effect of no filter and on the right it shows the result of the filter.

Graduated ND filters are available in soft and hard and this determines the distance of the transition between the dark part and the transparent part. Hard grad filters are typically for scenes with a straight and uniform horizon, like the sea. Soft grad filters are typically for scenes with a less uniform horizon, like landscapes with hills or mountains. Both hard and soft filters are available in different densities, because light is dynamic and different scenes require a different amount of ‘darkening’ of the sky. Landscapegear offers hard and soft grads in densities of 0.3(1 stop), 0.6(2 stops) and 0.9(3 stops). You can either buy the graduated ND filters individually or as a hard or soft set, the latter of which offers a better per-filter price. These filters command a high price, because each and every one is handmade to the most exacting standards. To give you an idea of how exact the standards are: Lee Filters only employs women in the manufacturing process, because men are more more susceptible to colour inaccuracies and only men can be colour-blind.

If you're new to the Lee Filter system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through to our choosing the right Lee gear article to gain further insight to assist you in making the perfect choice. 



  • Includes Protective Pouch
  • Handmade from super high-quality optical resin
  • Minimal effect on image colour


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