Lee Filters 100mm DSLR Starter Kit

R5 595


PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - WE DO NOT CARRY STOCK. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH VIA THE CONTACT PAGE TO REQUEST AVAILIBILITY OF THIS PRODUCT. The DSLR starter kit is the ideal introduction to the Lee Filters system and offers great value for money. It includes a 2-slot filter holder, 0.6 (2-stop) Soft Grad ND, 0.6 (2-stop) Proglass Solid ND, Triple Filter Pouch and Cleaning Cloth. 

  • Filter Holder - The DSLR Starter Kit includes a filter holder that comes assembled with two slots. Lee Filter Holders are an assembly of high-quality plastic and brass pieces that offers customisation, ease-of-use and a long lifespan. 
  • 0.6 Hard Grad ND - The 0.6 hard is one of the most widely used grad ND as the hard graduation allows for different horizons and 2-stops is a very common light difference between land and sky. This filter certainly isn't the one that can solve all your problems, but it's the one that will give you a very good feeling of how grads work and thus aid you in deciding how to expand your Lee gear. We highly advise that you also purchase a 0.6 soft grad as hard grads are more suited to landscapes with a perfectly straight horizon. Gaining experience with a soft and hard grad will allow you to make a more informed decision on what to purchase when you add more grads to your Lee Filter system. 
  • 0.6 Proglass Solid ND - This filter allows the photographer to achieve a slower shutterspeed by reducing the amount of light that reaches the sensor by a factor of 2 stops. This is very useful for creative purposes, whether you want to blur a wave, waterfall, leopard or a street scene. The 0.6 and 0.9 proglass solid ND filters are just what you need for late afternoon seascapes. When the sun is still bathing the landscape in soft warm light, it is normally still too bright to get the desired blurring in the water. Add one of these to cut out 2 or 3 stops of light and you'll be able to use a slower shutter speed, which creates those softly blurred waves that make a seascape shot. 
  • Protective Triple Pouch - The kit includes a triple filter pouch in which you can store your two filters, holder and adapter ring. This pouch is fine for a small setup, but as soon as you have more than two filters, it is advisable to get the 10-sleeve filter wallet. 
  • Cleaning Cloth - Microfiber cleaning cloth for safe cleaning of filters

Note – This product does NOT include an adapter ring, which is the crucial connection between the lens and the holder. We stock a wide range of Lee 100mm adapter rings - please click here to add the required adapter rings to your cart

If you're new to the Lee Filter system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through to our choosing the right Lee gear article to gain further insight to assist you in making the perfect choice. 



  • Great Value. Total price of individual items - R5800
  • Simple, comprehensive introduction to the Lee Filter system
  • Graduated ND handmade from super high-quality optical resin
  • Solid ND made from super high-quality Proglass
  • Customisable holder made from brass and high-quality plastic
  • Includes protective pouch and cleaning cloth


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