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Kirk BH3 Ballhead

R6 495


The Kirk BH-3 tripod head offers simple, strong and precise functionality in a compact and tough design that can handle serious knocks. It is rated to carry 6.8kg, which is sufficient for anything up to a 500mm lens, yet weighs only 540g. One large and easily adjustable knob controls all motion, making it simple and easy to change your composition. Two smaller knobs control a panning base and the amount of friction applied to the ball. This means that 95% of the time, you will only need to make use of a single knob to change your composition. 

All external components are crafted from a tough 6061-T aircraft aliminium to save weight and avoid corrosion. The internal parts are either brass or stainless steel to ensure long-lasting performance. The ballcup is a self-lubricating Delrin composite, which means that the head is 100% maintenance free. 

Kirk makes use of the Arca-Swiss system, which is the world-wide favorite for all of the top brands of tripod heads, plates and accessories. This means that your head is compatible with an endless variety of plates and accessories from various manufacturers.

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  • Large, easily controllable knob, usable with gloves.
  • Weighs just 540g.
  • Made from the best possible materials for a strong, lightweight and maintenance free product that will last years.
  • Height: 10cm
  • 360 Degree rotating pan base with locking knob
  • Load Capacity: 6.8kg
  • Five-year warranty against manufacturing defaults
  • Features new sleeker design with safety stop grooves and built-in spirit level

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