Systematic Series Tripods

Systematic GT3543XLS

R13 995

The X in the name stands for 'EXTRA long systematic' and that is this variant’s only significant difference from the popular GT3543LS. When fully extended it stands at an impressive 202cm, which has some unique benefits. This model weighs 2220g and the closed length is 72,1cm, which just fits into a large suitcase if the head is removed. The practical use of this tripod is not for super-tall people, but when shooting in uneven terrain. If you need to set up on a slope, cliff edge or amongst rocks it very often helps to have that extra length. 

New and Improved in the 2017 4th Generation Systematics

This is one of the new models released at the end of 2016 and can be identified as such by the number three at the end of the model name. The previous generation all ended with a number two. This new range does not offer major improvement in specifications, but anyone who had a 3rd gen model will appreciate the changes that they've made to these new models. 

Carbon Exact Tubes

The first and most crucial change is Gitzo's new carbon fiber technology called Carbon Exact, first introduced in the Mountaineer and then the Traveler ranges. Carbon Exact tubes are stronger, stiffer and better at absorbing vibration, despite being slightly thinner. The result is thicker lower legs and that makes a crucial difference to how solid the tripod is. In the previous model, the tube diameters were 20, 24, 28 and 32mm, in the new version they are 22, 25, 29 and 33mm. 

G-Lock Ultra Joints

These new joints are fatter, which means they're easier to grip and twist. They feature an o-ring to keep out dirt and dust, require less maintenance and most importantly, they lock the legs together more firmly than the older joints. Another feature that goes a long way to make the final product as solid as possible.

Self-Returning Leg Angle Locks

This simple, but nifty feature has finally been added to Gitzo tripods. Browse to the 1-minute mark in the video below to see it in action. 

New Feet

The new systematics feature ball-and-cup style rubber feet, which provide better traction on certain surfaces. One of the great features of this is that when you set the tripod up flat on the ground, it can rest on those feet instead of the joints all lying on the dirt. Browse to 1:10 in the video below to see this feature in action. 

The downside of this is that the tripods no longer come with hidden spiked feet for use on ice and will have to be purchased additionally.

Easylink Attachment

Easylink is an accessory attachment system from Manfrotto (Gitzo and Manfrotto are both owned by the same company, Vitec) that allows one to attach a vast array of accessories to your tripod via customisable joint arms. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to attach anything from a small scrim to shade your lens or screen to speedlights, a BTS camera, umbrella to shoot in the rain etc. The options are truly limitless. 

Specification Changes

If you compare the specs of the older models with the new ones, you'll see that the new models are a touch heavier and also longer when folded up. This difference is mostly to blame on the new feet, which can be removed in seconds.


Learn more about the different Gitzo models we stock in our article on Choosing the right Gitzo tripod.





  • Series - 3
  • Material - Carbon Fibre
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height - 202cm
  • Minimum Height - 10cm
  • Closed Length - 71cm
  • Weight - 2.29kg
  • Load Capacity - 25kg
  • Leg Diameters - 21.7, 25.3, 29.0, 32.9 mm

Included in the box

  • Large polyester dust bag for tripod
  • Small polyester dust bag for neat storage of all accessories
  • Usage Manual
  • Tork screws and allen keys for all tension adjustments 
  • Set of alternative Rubber feet


Carbon eXact
G-lock Ultra
Easy Link attachment
Ultra-stable Feet
Self-Returning Leg Angle Locks


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