Ball Heads

Gitzo GH1382QD Center Ball Head

R4 995

This is the all-rounder head in Gitzo’s new line up of ball heads and almost identical in size to the Kirk BH3. It features an impressive 14kg load rating, yet weighs only 500g. 

  • This head is ideal for any cameras up to a pro body like a 1Dx, D5 or gripped D810 or 5D with lenses up to medium telephoto like a 70-200mm f/2.8, 100-400mm, 300m f/4 or a 400mm f/5.6.
  • If you plan to use anything heavier, such as a 200-400mm, 500mm, 600mm or greater, the GH3382QD is a more suited choice. 

This head is a perfect match for any Series 1, 2 or 3 Gitzo Traveler or Systematic legs.

New Gitzo Ball Heads

This new range of ball heads from Gitzo is one the most exciting products to hit the tripod market in years, especially for South Africa. Gitzo is well known as the best tripod leg brand in SA, but it is with good reason that until now, we’ve never sold any of their heads. They always wanted to do something different and the products available were odd, to say the least.

With these heads, they have finally jumped on the bandwagon and conformed to the standard arca-swiss compatible ball head design. Why is it exciting for yet another manufacturer to be making the same ball head that 50 other companies do? Because Gitzo does things better than all 50 of the other companies.

These heads are made from different materials than everything else on the market. Almost all the manufacturers use aluminium for both the cup and the ball and the cup is usually a single piece of machined aliminium, but Gitzo have taken a different route here. Firstly, their cup consists of two pieces made from two different materials - a lower section consisting of the same cast magnesium alloy that the apex of their legs are made from and a top section made from a very intricately piece of machined aluminium. The ball is made from a material you’ve likely never heard of – Tungsten Disulfide. This is one of the ultimate low-friction alloys known to man and upon playing around with one of these heads, you realise why they chose this product and what makes these heads different to the rest of the market.

This low-friction material makes it easy to tighten the head to a level that holds your composition, but still allows adjustment thereof. The main locking knob also functions more gracefully than on any other head we’ve ever used. Completely locking the ball requires almost no force and this prevents sore hands and fingers when shooting frequently.

The best part? These heads are substantially cheaper than their closest competitor – Kirk. In the USA these heads are substantially more expensive than the Kirk counterparts, but in SA they are cheaper. 



  • Weight: 500g
  • Load rating: 14kg
  • Height: 11.2cm

Included in the box

  • Polyester dust bag                        
  • Tools for adjustment                        
  • 2-year warranty card


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