Traveler Series Tripods


R8 995

Meet Gitzo's latest reincarnation of their popular Traveler series tripods. All Traveler models now have Gitzo's 'Carbon eXact' technology, which is the upgrade of their Carbon 6x tubes. These are stiffer and stronger, which delivers a higher load rating without compromising on the weight or size of the tripod. It also has the next generation G-Lock joints that feature fatter grips for easier locking and unlocking of the joints. Thanks to various improvements, this tripod can handle 25% more weight than it's predecessor and without the centre column extended, it is now 16.5cm taller. 

Designed to be as light and compact as possible, these tripods offer amazing stability and height, but fold up remarkably small. This range is recommended for travelling and hiking, which is its obvious purpose, but also to photographers who don’t want to carry a massive load. Traveler tripods have a center-column instead of the systematic baseplate; but you can rest assured that it is a properly designed one, as can be expected from Gitzo. When you need to get that super low-angle, the column can be removed in seconds.

This is the latest version (released Sept 2015) of the most popular traveler model and for good reason; Its folded length is only 42,5cm and it weighs a mere 1060g. It has a load capacity of 10kg, which is sufficient for a pro body with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. With the column up it reaches to 153cm, which is perfect for a person of average height. Due to its compact folded size, it disappears in a suitcase and even fits inside most camera bags. If you’re travelling and weight or space is an issue, this is the ultimate tripod.

The ideal is to have one of the systematic tripod models for everyday shooting and to have the traveler for when weight or space is an issue. 

Learn more about the different Gitzo models we stock in our article on choosing the right Gitzo tripod.



  • Series - 1
  • Material - Carbon eXact
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height (Column Down) - 130cm
  • Maximum Height (Column Up) - 153cm
  • Minimum Height - 22cm
  • Closed Length - 42.5cm
  • Weight - 1060g
  • Load Capacity - 10kg

Included in the box

  • Large polyester dust bag for tripod
  • Usage Manual
  • Tork screws for tension adjustments
  • Shoulder strap


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