Outer Shells

f-stop Tilopa

R5 295


The new and updated 50l Tilopa is an important part of the f-stop range and can be considered a crossroad where the models get more serious. At first sight it might be difficult to distinguish from the Ajna as the two are virtually identical in size. So what exactly is the difference between the Tilopa and Ajna? The Tilopa is a bit like the Ajna on steroids and is designed for shooters who test their gear to the limits. 

Hypalon Padding - The first difference is more Hypalon padding on the front and bottom. Hypalon is a virtually indestructable and waterproof material and is strategically placed on the areas of the pack that will be in contact with outdoor surfaces. This gives you peace of mind to put the pack down on any surface without worrying about abrasion or damage.  

Additional Mounting Points - The Tilopa features a 3rd set of straps on the front like the ones on either side. Anyone who has hiked before knows that place to mount a tripod, tent, sleeping mat, whatever it may be, is always useful. 

Larger Front Pocket - The front pocket of the Ajna and Lotus does not offer a lot of space and can only be opened on one side. Those of the Tilopa and larger models are of considerable size, can zip open entirely and feature an internal mesh pocket. 

Second Front Pocket - The Tilopa and larger models feature a 2nd front pocket below the main one. It is ideal for supporting the feet of a tripod mounted on the pack or for storing small items that you need quick access to. 

Stronger Harness System - The Tilopa and larger models have a more robust harness system and feature better padding on the shoulder- and hip belts for the best possibe weight distribution of heavy loads. These models also feature a mesh stash-pocket on the hip belt, useful for storing lens cloths, memory cards etc. 

ICU Compatability

The Tilopa can handle a wide variety of ICU's depending on how much camera gear you want to carry and how much of the main compartment you want available for other items like clothing, food or whatever it is you like taking on a shoot. Keep in mind that all Mountain Series shells have a large top-, front- and two side pockets in addition to the main compartment. 

  • The XL ICU is a comfortable fit, but it leaves just enough space in the main compartment for a rain jacket or some snacks. 
  • The Large Pro ICU is a very good fit, leaving about 30% of the main compartment available for some other gear. 
  • The Small Pro and Medium ICU's occupy about 30-40% of the main compartment, leaving plenty of space for other gear. 

Fstop's new 2015 mountain series shells feature several excellent upgrades that distinguish it from the previous models.

  • All shells now feature large expandable side-pockets, ideal for tripod legs, water bottles or food and clothing.
  • The height of the backpanel is now greater, allowing easier access to the top section of larger ICU's.
  • The shells are made from a cutting edge waterproof material, reducing the need for rain-covers in all but torrential downpours.
  • An updated harness system that distributes weight more evenly and comfortably. 

Multipurpose internal sleeve fits up to a 17” laptop.

If you're new to the f-stop system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through read our Choosing the right f-stop Gear articles which will assist you in making the perfect choice. You can also send us a mail via the contact page with your camera gear and we'll get back to you with a recommendation within 24 hours.  



  • Volume - 50 Liters
  • Weight - 1.9kg
  • Height - 59.7cm
  • Width - 35.6cm
  • Depth - 30.5cm

Compatible ICU's

  • XL Pro
  • Large Pro
  • Small Pro
  • Medium Shallow
  • Medium Slope


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