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f-stop Lotus

R3 795


The new Lotus, part of F-stop’s reinvented Mountain Series, is the narrow and nimble everyday mountain pack for minimal shooters. With 32L of volume, the low-profile Lotus blends just as well in urban settings as it does in the mountains. It has a full, but lightweight harness system that offers the comfort and balance of its larger mountain series counterparts. The usual problem with such small packs is that they hang in the middle of your back above the coccyx, causing unpleasant back pain. As can be expected from Fstop, intelligent design ensures that the pack can be adjusted so that the weight is efficiently transferred through your hips and shoulders, whether you're 1.5 metres or 1.9m metres tall. 

If you're a minimalist shooter, you want a light and compact setup from time to time or you're part of the mirrorless movement, the Lotus is the perfect choice. 

ICU Compatibility

The Lotus can handle a median variety of ICU's depending on how much camera gear you want to carry and how much of the main compartment you want available for other items like clothing, food or whatever it is you like taking on a shoot. Keep in mind that all Mountain Series shells have a large top-, front- and two side pockets in addition to the main compartment. 

  • The Large Pro is a comfortable fit, but it leaves just enough space in the main compartment for a rain jacket or some snacks. 
  • The Small Pro and Medium ICU's occupy about 50-60% of the main compartment, leaving a decent amount of space for other gear. 

Fstop's new 2015 mountain series shells feature several excellent upgrades that distinguish it from the previous models.

  • All shells now feature large expandable side-pockets, ideal for tripod legs, water bottles or food and clothing.
  • The height of the backpanel is now greater, allowing easier access to the top section of larger ICU's.
  • The shells are made from a cutting edge waterproof material, reducing the need for rain-covers in all but torrential downpours.
  • An updated harness system that distributes weight more evenly and comfortably.
  • Multipurpose internal sleeve fits up to a 13” laptop.

If you're new to the f-stop system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through read our Choosing the right f-stop Gear articles which will assist you in making the perfect choice. You can also send us a mail via the contact page with your camera gear and we'll get back to you with a recommendation within 24 hours.  



  • Volume - 32 Liters
  • Weight - 1.5kg
  • Height - 52cm
  • Width - 33cm
  • Depth - 27.9cm

Compatible ICU's

  • Medium Slope
  • Medium Shallow
  • Small Pro
  • Large Pro


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