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Specifically designed to haul big camera setups, the 80L Shinn is the largest camera backpack in the Fstop product range. Co-developed with the Master Cine ICU, the two combine to make the ultimate supersized camera bag for serious shooters hauling large video rigs, elaborate gear setups or going on 6-10 day wilderness hikes. Designed with cinematographers in mind, it can accommodate the most popular cinematography rigs like the Red Dragon, Canon C300, Sony F5, Blackmagic Ursa and Arri Alexa. It accepts most of these bodies with a rigged lens - Just pull it out and you're ready to shoot in seconds. 

What Makes the Shinn Different?

All mountain range shells are designed to accept ICU's that measure 18cm deep and 29cm wide. The Shinn is both deeper and wider, designed to accept the Cine Master ICU, which measures 21cm deep and 36cm wide. 

A full-size, super-duty suspension system combined with optimized weight distribution from the aluminum frame and ICU provide unsurpassed stability and comfort. As with all Mountain Series packs, the Shinn is fully capable of outer expansion and customization thanks to a variety of strategically placed mounting points.

Fstop's new 2015 mountain series shells feature several excellent upgrades that distinguish it from the previous models.

  • All shells now feature large expandable side-pockets ideal for tripod legs, water bottles or food and clothing.
  • The height of the backpanel is now greater, allowing easier access to the top section of larger ICU's.
  • The shells are made from a cutting edge waterproof material, reducing the need for rain-covers in all but torrential downpours.
  • An updated harness system that distributes weight more evenly and comfortably. 

Multipurpose internal sleeve fits up to a 13” laptop.

If you're new to the f-stop system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Click through read our Choosing the right f-stop Gear articles which will assist you in making the perfect choice. 



  • Volume - 80 Liters
  • Weight - 2.3kg
  • Height - 68.6cm
  • Width - 40.6cm
  • Depth - 30.5cm

Compatible ICU's

  • All


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