Choosing The Right Gitzo Tripod

When it comes to choosing a tripod, you will be dumbfounded by what’s available on the market. Even when you’ve decided on a brand, the various models can still leave you very confused. Fortunately, as far as brands go, there is a clear leader in the market. Gitzo is originally a French company that has been manufacturing tripods since the 1950’s. Their product is loved and praised by photographers across the globe and has a reputation that speaks for itself. The success of Gitzo tripods is credited to intelligent, yet simple design, using only the very best materials.

Gitzo caters for a wide range of needs, meaning that there are many models, which in turn can lead to confusion. LANDSCAPEGEAR.CO.ZA has handpicked the models that are most suited to outdoor photography and we offer several variants of each for different requirements. Before we look at the models, we just need to take a quick look at how Gitzo’s model naming works.

GT3543LS  – GT@#$%**

  • GT – Gitzo Tripod
  • @ – Series=leg diameter (GT3542LS is a 3 series and has thicker legs than a GT2542LS)
  • # – Material the legs are made of (5 – Carbon Fiber)
  • $ – Number of Leg Sections (GT3542LS is a 3 series, made of carbon fiber, with 4 leg-sections)
  • % – Generation of the model, generation 4, marked by a 3 at the end, was released in December 2016 (The GT3540LS was replaced by the GT3541LS, which was replaced by the GT3542LS and so on)
  • ** – Range (S – Systematic, LS – Long Systematic, XLS – Extra Long Systematic, T – Traveler)

There are 10 ranges and more than 50 models, but we fortunately only stock 7 models from 2 ranges.

Our Gitzo range, from left to right: Travelers GT1555T, GT1545T, GT2545T and Systematics GT3543LS, GT4543LS, GT5543LS, GT3543XLS

Systematic Series

Gitzo’s Systematic range of tripods is the support system that countless photographers around the world base their career on. The key to these tripods’ success is that the legs are connected to a large flat base plate (also called the apex/spider), instead of a center-column. A center-column is usually a flimsy, vibrating pole atop the tripod and is always in the way when you want to set up really low to the ground. The systematic design allows for a minimum height of just 10cm, while also improving the stability, rigidity, ease of use and ergonomics of the tripod.


GT3543LS – R12 995.00

This is the most popular model in the systematic range and arguably the most praised tripod worldwide. It stands 146cm high when fully extended and if you add a tripod head and camera on top, the viewfinder will be at perfect eye-height for the average male. It weighs a mere 2030g and the closed length is 57cm, which easily fits into a suitcase when flying. It can carry a load of 25kg, meaning that it is fine for any camera and lens combination up to a 800mm lens. If you take good care of this tripod, it will be the last one you ever buy. 

GT4543LS – R13 995.00

This 4-series brother of the popular GT3543LS is the ultimate tripod for shooters using heavy setups. The only design difference between this and the GT3543LS is the diameter of the legs; which is larger. This means it is stronger, more stable and more rigid. At 2380g and a folded length of 62cm it easily fits into a suitcase and is still an easy load to carry despite the extra weight. It’s load rating is the same as the GT3543LS, but due to the thicker legs it is better for heavier setups. If you shoot with big lenses or you use heavy video setups, then this model is the one to go for.

GT5543LS – R15 995.00

This is Gitzo’s monster tripod and the one to go for when the 3- and 4-Series won’t do the job. Not only are it’s legs massively wider, but the apex is also larger to offer maximum stability and rigidity. If you’re using an 800mm, Medium Format camera, 4K Film Camera or you’re just obsessed with having rock-solid support, then this is the one to go for.  Just how wide are the legs of the 5-series? It’s lowest leg section (4th) is the same width as the 2nd leg section in a 3-series Systematic.

  • GT3543LS Leg Diameters – 21.7, 25.3 ,29.0, 32.9 mm
  • GT4543LS Leg Diameters – 25.3, 29.0, 32.9, 37.0mm
  • GT5543LS Leg Diameters – 29.0, 32.9 ,37.0, 41.3 mm

Please note that we can only carry 1x of these in stock at any given time. There may be a long time time between our unit selling and another coming into South Africa. If you are considering buying one of these, please get in touch with us so that we can advise of availability.

GT3543XLS – R13 995.00

The X in the name stands for ‘EXTRA long systematic’ and that is this variant’s only significant difference from the popular GT3543LS. When fully extended it stands at an impressive 202cm, which has some unique benefits. This model weighs 2290g and the closed length is 72cm, which just fits into a large suitcase if the head is removed. The practical use of this tripod is not for super-tall people, but when shooting in uneven terrain. If you need to set up on a slope, cliff edge or amongst rocks it helps to have that extra length.


Traveler Series

These tripods offer amazing stability and height, but fold up remarkably small. This range is highly recommended for travelling and hiking, which is its obvious purpose, but also for people who don’t want to carry a massive load. The Traveler tripods are designed to be as light and small as possible. They have a center-column instead of the Systematic baseplate; but you can rest assured that it is a proper one, as can be expected from Gitzo. When you need to get that super low-angle, the column can be removed in seconds.

The ideal is to have one of the Systematic tripod models for everyday shooting and to have the Traveler for when weight or space is an issue.

October 2015 – We’re very excited to share the news that Gitzo recently unveiled their latest compact Traveler Series models. Our two favourites, the GT1542T and the GT2542T, have both received major tech upgrades that have substantially improved the specs of each tripod. There is also a brand new model, the GT1555T, which is even more compact than the already tiny GT1545T. The first thing to note is that Gitzo has skipped the generation number in the name from 2 to 5. The models prior to the GT1542T were the GT1540T and GT1541T, but the latest reincarnations have received a 5 as model number.

The most exciting new feature is Gitzo’s patented Carbon Exact tubing, first seen in the latest Mountaineer Series models. This new and improved tubing is stiffer and stronger than it’s predecessor which translates to a higher load rating for the new models. The greatest advantage is that the tubes fit into each other more more precisely, which has two benefits: 1. Wider legs which ensure better rigidity and vibration absorption. 2. A taller tripod which still folds down to the same size as the old models.

The other new feature is what Gitzo calls Traveler G-Lock. These new joints feature redesigned joint locks which are wider and thus easier to lock and unlock. Inside it features a more weatherproof seal that keeps out dust, sand and everything that’s bad for a tripod.

GT1545T – R9 615.00

This is the most popular Traveler model and for good reason. It has a load capacity of 10kg, which is sufficient for a pro body and any lens up to a 70-200 f/2.8. With the column up it reaches to 153cm, which is the perfect height for a person of average height. Its folded length is only 42,5cm and it weighs 1060g. It disappears in a suitcase and even fits inside most camera bags.


The new GT1545T

The Brand New GT1555T – R9 995.00

This brand new model is exactly like the GT1545T, but instead of 4 leg sections it has 5. The result is a folded length saving of 7cm, putting it at an impressive length of just 35.5cm when folded up. This would have been impossible with the previous 6x carbon tubing as the 5th leg section would have been as thin as a toothpick. The more precise fit and wider legs allowed by the new Carbon eXact tubing has made this tripod possible. If you’re looking for the smallest and lightest possible tripod that you can comfortable put a pro-body on, this is the one.

The Traveler GT1555T

GT2545T – R11 195.00

This model is identical to the 1 series version, but it offers a 12kg load capacity thanks to 2-series legs. The closed length is the same, but at 1340g, it weighs slightly more. If you want a Traveler tripod, but you feel that the GT1545T is a bit small, then this is the ideal model for you. We recommend this one over the 1-series if you plan to use a lens heavier than a 70-200mm f/2.8.

The new GT2545T



If you’re still not sure which Gitzo tripod is suited to your needs, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

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  1. Hi there,
    Have the GT2542T tripod. May I understand what are the differences compared with the GT2545T.

    Thank you.
    Guna M

  2. Hi Cedric

    The local supplier does not stock that model, but we can get a price and order it on request for you.

    The GT2545T is virtually identical in specifications to that model. It is just a tad shorter, but also 400g lighter. It is currently going for R10 295. Here is the product page

    Sorry about the very late reply. Let us know if we can be of any further help

  3. Hi there,
    I am looking for the GT2543L Montaineer Série 2.
    Can you tell me where I can find it ( I live in Knysna, WC)
    Thanks for your assistance

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